E-card - FAQ

E-card Service

  • Should I signup to use E-card service?

    We require user login for using E-card service to help us avoid malicious programs send spam mail through our service, in order to maintain the service quality of our website.
  • Is E-card service completely free?

    This is completely free service.
  • Is there a limitation for sending E-card?

    For sending by e-mail, you can send a maximum of 25 E-cards per day. For using social media like Facebook or Line there is no limitation.  You can also copy the E-card's URL directly and send it in any other way.
  • Is the content of the card I send secure?

    Each E-card will have a unique address and be sent to your designated recipients via E-mail or social media. However, anyone who has obtained URL through other way can see the contents of the card directly, so do not enter personal privacy or security sensitive information.

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